Aquatic Invasive Species in PA (online Audubon program)

Hi all,

Audubon of WPA will be hosting an online AIS program with PA Sea Grant. Please see the description of the program below. Clicking the title of the program will take you to the registration page. Feel free to email directly at nmilano[at] if you have any questions.


Lunch and Learn: Aquatic Invasive Species in Pennsylvania (online)

11/14/23 12:00 pm – 11/14/23 1:00 pm
Waterways in western PA face a threat of invasion by many aquatic invasive species such as big head carp, zebra mussels, and water chestnut. Join Audubon and Master Watershed Steward Coordinator, Amber Stilwell from PA Sea Grant to learn about the various organisms considered invasive in our waterways and how boaters/anglers can properly care for their fishing equipment to prevent their spread. Registration is Free.
Free Zoom account required to attend. Meeting link url: