Draft FY2025 River Budget from American Rivers and its partners

For the past few years American Rivers has provided a River Budget that outlines priorities for federal spending to ensure a future of clean water and healthy rivers everywhere, for everyone.

Here is the report for FY 2024.

While debate remains regarding the FY2024 federal budget, it will soon be time for President Biden to present a FY2025 budget to Congress.

American Rivers and it partners (including  American Business Water Coalition, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, Choose Clean Water Coalition) are preparing to share its community-driven recommendations for the next fiscal year by early February.  Last year it received more than 150+ endorsements.

They are asking others to join them in sending a message to Congress and the Administration to urge support for a strong River Budget as we prepare for the upcoming release of the President’s Budget in 2024 and the start of FY25 Appropriations Process. The River Budget outlines program specific priorities and goals to direct federal spending to promote climate-smart agriculture, enhance water infrastructure, protect wetlands, improve flood management, and remove dams to allow for free-flowing rivers and greater access to clean water for everyone.

Due Date: Tuesday, January 16th, 2024, by COB 5pm ET.

By investing in these vital federal programs outlined in the River Budget, Congress and the Administration can drive smart, equitable solutions that will benefit our rivers, our communities, and our nation for generations to come.