Opportunity for local organizations through River Network

River Network is looking to launch new  Community-Led Research (CLR) projects and Leadership Development (LD) programs in partnership with local organizations. Selected organizations receive up to $8,000 in funding and direct technical assistance to advance their project. We are particularly interested in partnering with organizations that are:
1. working to advance climate resilience,
2. focused on equitable outcomes and a credible stakeholder with communities that are at greatest risk, and
3. able to leverage or contribute to existing climate resilience initiatives.
As climate change continues to exacerbate existing burdens on already vulnerable communities, we at River Network are expanding our work to center communities’ needs in local climate resilience efforts. To date, River Network has partnered with community-based organizations in 14 communities to launch Community-Led Research (CLR) projects and Leadership Development (LD) programs designed to inform local resilience plans, projects and investments, and to strengthen community leadership to advocate for local climate resilience initiatives grounded in equity.  Past CLR projects have focused on building local resilience to recurring flooding, coastal storms and extreme heat; where past LD programs have focused on soft and technical skill building with local leaders and advocates.